Terms and Conditions

The term 'Company' refers to 3003 ONLINE and the term 'Client' refers to you (the customer) in the following context.  


All of the Company's Terms And Conditions, Refund Policies and Privacy Policy are subject to change. All web-sites, systems, domain/hosting plans and accounts are subject to the Terms And Conditions.


1. The Company will not be held liable by any party for any direct, indirect or other consequential damages due to any unauthorized use of a business or professional website designed by the Company. This includes, but is not limited to, hyper-linked web-sites, lost profits, business interruption due to server downtime, loss of data or any other cause.

2. The Company does not provide assurance that future results, beneficial or harmful, will be achieved through the design and implementation of any website. Information provided by the Client is the sole responsibility of the Client, not the Company, and is thereby subject to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee.

3. The Company will not be held liable or responsible for any copyright infringement or violations by the use of any or all client-provided materials, including company logos. We reserve the right to decline the use of any questionable materials. We will not be held liable or responsible for any or all content, accuracy of information contained on web-pages, linked pages or copyright violations that may arise from any or all linked pages.

4. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to obtain copyright or express written permission from the original creator of any company logo, or author of submitted materials, prior to submission of work that has not been personally produced by the Client.

5. The Company will not, under any circumstances, sell or reveal any personal information, company logo, original artwork or original written material belonging to the Client to another party. We hold our company to the highest standards of excellence and will continually aim to maintain the Client's valued trust by ensuring a personalised high-quality service in relation with the Client's professional requirements.

6. The 'one page website' additional option (if chosen) will be a simple template-based page to display a brief amount of text and business name/logo/contact information. The payment does not cover further updates to the web-site (after the Client has expressed complete satisfaction with the site by submitting the complete payment). The Company can be contacted either by phone or e-mail for further updates, which may be chargeable (and therefore quoted to and agreed upon by the Client before commencing the work). If the Client requires a more complex page or more than one page, it is at the Company's discretion to decide and quote the applicable additional charges for development and hosting.

7. The payment for a domain and/or web (email) hosting (if applicable) will be made periodically (either monthly or annually) by the Client, according to the Company's and Client's agreement. The (domain/web-hosting) full amount shown on the latest invoice is to be paid to the Company starting from the date of the invoice. To avoid late payments, a new invoice will be issued to the Client in advance of the current period’s expiry date (via e-mail or post). Failure to make payment by the current expiry date will result in cancellation of the domain/web hosting until payment is made.

8. The domain/web-hosting charges are subject to change due to external factors such as exchange rate fluctuation. The Client will be notified in advance of any changes in charges, with suitable justification for these changes.

9. Domain/web-hosting payments do not include further updates to the Client's website, as stated in term 6.

10. The Client reserves the right to request, to the Company, cancellation of services. The Company should receive this request at least 30 days before the expiry date of the current period. Additionally, there will be no refund for payments already made for the current period.

11. On cancellation of web hosting, the Client reserves the right to maintain their domain name and associated email addresses on a third-party server, with which the Company will have no involvement. In this situation, the Company will only hold responsibility for the domain name, provided it was purchased with the Company's direct involvement.

12. On cancellation of web hosting, the Client reserves the right to maintain their web-site on a third-party server. In this situation, the Company reserves the right to charge the Client (if necessary) for the transfer of the web-site from one server to another, with the charge depending entirely on the size of the web-site and the complexity of the transfer. This is provided the web-site was previously designed and/or maintained by the Company.

13. The Client reserves the right to create a new web-site with a third-party company, with which the Company will have no involvement. The Client reserves the right to choose a web hosting package of the Company or that of a third-party company with which the Company will have no involvement.

14. Web hosting charges for web-sites designed and maintained by the Company will be discounted and quoted to the Client accordingly. If the Client decides to create a new web-site as described in term 13, web hosting charges by the Company to the Client may be increased accordingly. Reasons for this include the setting up of a control panel for the third-party company and Client to maintain this web-site without direct involvement by the Company. In this situation, the relationship between the Client and the Company will be on web hosting terms only, with no involvement with the web-site / system. A quote and notification will be provided in case of any changes in charges, with suitable justification to these changes.

15. The Client reserves the right to cancel both web hosting (as described in terms 10, 11 and 12) and the web-site / system (as described in term 13). In this situation, the Client reserves the right to maintain their domain name and associated email addresses, as described in term 11.

16. In regard to the Company promotional packages, such as the 'POP MAIL' package, annual or any recurring charges will be based on that package only. If the the Client requires more features in the future (e.g. a complete website), the hosting/recurring charges may be subject to change at the Company's discretion, based on the additional features required. For example, if a full website is required that requires a considerable amount of web space, web hosting charges may need to be increased accordingly.  


17. Web-pages or web-sites related to any form of illegal activities are strictly prohibited. If web-pages or web-sites related to illegal activities are placed on the Client’s allocated web space, their account may be terminated without notice. If a request is made by law enforcement officers for any Client information (IP address, Phone number, etc.), the Company reserves the right to submit this information to the authorities.

18. Hosting accounts that are accused of serving copyrighted, illegal, or questionable content will immediately be suspended while we conduct a thorough investigation of the web-site. Notification will be sent as quickly as possible to outline the situation and inform the Client of the problem, violation, or complaint.

19. Web-sites that provide pornographic, sexually related material, or links to sites that provide such content are subject to termination.

20. Any web-sites utilizing IRC-related web-site scripts are subject to account suspension and/or termination. This includes, but is not limited to: Site-Based Eggdrops and Chat Bots.  


21. Accounts that are found to be relaying unsolicited E-Mail (commonly known as "spam") and/or mass amounts of E-Mail ("mail bombs") are subject to account termination without refund. Under certain circumstances, the Company may work with the Client to prevent unauthorized relaying.

22. Complaints regarding unsolicited E-Mail from any accounts residing on the Company web servers are subject for account suspension and possibly remediation. In severe circumstances, the account in question may be terminated and service refused.


3003 ONLINE is committed to ensuring each of our client's privacy - namely code (software) build for the client, client databases held on our servers, and client email hosted on 3003 ONLINE servers.

3003 ONLINE will not divulge customer email addresses to third parties for sale, rent or lease. 3003 ONLINE however may share your contact details or email address with specific third parties such as our own third party web hosting support (in the USA, Canada and the UK), our own partner firms if related to your project or server, and other third parties related to specifically your project or hosting platform, if applicable.

INFORMATION WE MAY COLLECT FROM YOU: We may collect data from you through our own online forms on the 3003online.com website (such as our website contact form, email subscribe), and via our email / phone / meeting communications. If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence.

Data may also be disclosed to third parties if we are legal obligation to provide your data to these entities, or to protect the rights of our customers.

Once we share a password with you, it becomes your responsibility to safeguard it or change or maintain it (if applicable) for the purpose of security for that product or service.

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is always secure, and while we will aim to protect your data once we receive it, we are not liable for secure transmission of such data to our servers. For example we cannot guarantee the privacy of your data transmitted to our email or servers, if submitted to us via our website or directly via email. Once we receive the information we will use strict measures to prevent unauthorised access.

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