Does your website need a New Look?


As the Trend in Fashion changes, so does the Trend of Web Technology.

This new trend of web technology can significantly improve the success of your business.
Here's an example of a website design in 2007 and redone in 2013:

Success Story: Bruinsma Consulting Website - 2007 to 2013

Old to New

Advancements in tablet and mobile technology have brought tablet and mobile-friendly websites to the forefront of 2013 website trends.
Let's see how it used to look on the Desktop, Tablet & Mobile (2007).

Old Style

The new look on the Desktop, Tablet & Mobile (2013).

Old Style

You don't have to apply them all to your current web design. Let us help you decide which of these ideas can be integrated to your own website to achieve your company's goals and objectives to SUCCESS.

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