What can we do for you?

Quick tweaks include:

  • Website speed and performance optimisation.
  • Wordpress customisation.
  • Add an email subscription form to your website.
  • Set up Google Tag Manager and Analytics.
  • Fix problems.
  • Validate or upgrade contact forms.
  • Web Design uplift.
  • PSD to HTML5 conversion.
  • … and much more!

E­commerce website design tweaks

E­commerce is our forte. We’ve worked with e-commerce for almost a decade. We love attention to detail - so much so that we can’t help but love or scrutinise e­commerce website features as we shop online for ourselves or our spouses! Below are a few tweaks for your e-commerce website that should help boost sales.

Unique to your business

We appreciate that every business is unique. which is why our design and development is customised to your business needs, making your website stand out from your competitors, with a stunning design and easy to use interface to attract your target customers.

E-commerce Website Design - Maintenance Ideas


Product Lists

Your product detail pages, and product list pages, are the key sellers for your site. Product List pages are usually the busiest pages of an ecommerce website - and should have clearly visible product images, no clutter. Products should be easy to browse and filter, with options for "quick look", reviews and ratings, breadcrumbs and SEO ingredients integrated for optimal usability and search engine visibility.


Product Detail

Product detail pages should portray the key information to help the customer make that decision to buy. A great design will boost sales ­ we’ll make sure the product name, price, key details and ADD TO BAG call to action button are key in your page design. Less clutter, more class ­ while a detail page needs a lot of information (as much as you have to say about the product ­ including reviews), it should be well placed on the page, and clear and concise.


Bug Fixing

Customers want a hassle free experience (no errors or warning messages) when they buy. Bugs are inevitable ­- we’re humans and we write code, and sometimes, something is missed. However, this is where processes come in - for business analysis and development, and QA and quality control. If you have an issue on your website, let us know what needs fixing!


Site Speed Testing

As a rule, ensure your website's key pages load within a couple of seconds on an average connection. Site speed tests will help set goals against these benchmarks to see where the website can be improved. Don't let a great website be abandoned by slow loading times. Ensure your site is speed-tested so that your mobile customers see it as quickly as they click!

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