Implementing Speed Optimisation for Every Website

Images, content, server setup, code, layout and specific areas of functionality each play a role on the speed of your website. We're here to check that your site has the base essential ingredients for site speed optimisation.

We can perform more intensive checks to identify and fix issues that exist. Specifics can range from very simple, low cost fixes (several within a day of confirmation), and some fixes may be more deep seeded. Nonetheless, we're happy and ready to examine your website to improve site speed, and therefore customer interaction with your site.

E-commerce Benchmarking Basics

As a rule, ensure your website key pages load within 8 seconds on a 'slow' connection. When thinking of mobile users, we would want to bring this threshold down to 5 seconds ideally - 5 seconds for a customer to view (un-cached) your website without waiting any longer. Site speed tests will help set goals against these benchmarks to see where the website can be improved.

E-commerce websites means your customers need an extremely usable, comfortable experience to shop on your site, especially if they are new to it. Website speed optimisation is a key factor here to keep your customers, especially new visitors, on your website.

How does one examine site speed?

We run a set of page-speed tools under internal guidelines (including those from Google), to ensure your site is optimised as quickly as possible. Technical elements of the site are optimised as a standard by our development team, followed by our recommendations for optimising content - such as the size of your product images for faster loading on your product pages.

Site (speed) optimisation is a key factor in helping your customer use the website and even decide whether to keep using it, so this is a very important part of your build. With over 10 years of experience in web development, 9+ years in e-commerce, and over 3 years in detailed site optimisation, we look forward to working with you to ensure the highest quality standards.

Smarphone usage is expanding faster than predicted: the number of smartphone users is growing by 42% a year.

Site speed optimisation has therefore never been more important for e-commerce websites.

Ready to get started?

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