Example of a Responsive Website

Simply load this website (www.3003online.com) on your mobile, tablet, and desktop - and you should be able to navigate and use the site easily, on all devices. Typically, if a website is designed for desktop, but not mobile, then the visitor is likely to "zoom in" to read text, possibly with clutter around their small screen. It would be ideal if the site presented itself in a simpler, mobile optimised format. Today, a visitor is likely to stay on your website (rather than abandon it) if it is easy to use regardless of their screen size. With mobile usage vastly increasing on a year-on-year basis, we are here to ensure that your web solution is optimised for your audience.

Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

An important note when considering mobile usage for your website: do not confuse mobile-optimised website development with mobile application development. Mobile optimised websites are accessed through a browser on the mobile/tablet (e.g. when someone performs a search online and finds your site), whereas a mobile application or "app" is a software downloaded for a specific purpose onto the device. Both fields are important to consider when understanding your audience, and both are related to the mobile industry as a whole. However, they are both technically distinct and can be functionally unique, each approach having its own pros and cons. To help decide what's right for you to start off with, please contact us.

Online Sales via Mobile Phones and Tablets

Just a few years ago, in 2009, mobile web usage was at a mere 1%. It edged up to 4% in 2010, and it hit 13% near the end of 2012, according to StatCounter Global Stats. In 2013 - 2014, global stats show that mobile platforms alone rose from approximately 14% to 24% in one year, while tablet usage rose from around 4% to 5% in 2014.  The reason: more people are buying things through their mobile phones, using them in the store to validate coupons, or social networking, or using GPS-enabled apps. Shopping is a big driving force. In the US, On Black Friday 2012, the day after Thanksgiving, 24% of all online shopping took place on mobiles and tablet devices, up from 6% in 2010. In India, mobile Internet traffic already surpassed desktop traffic as of May 2012.

“ Global mobile traffic now represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic.  ” -- Forbes

That's impressive, and we want to emphasise the importance of having a mobile optimised website. If your site is already generating sales via mobiles and tablets, but isn't mobile optimised, it would very likely be worthwhile to increase sales with better usability. We can help identify any issues or make suggestions for better usability and design for the mobile version of your website, so that your customers have a better experience in buying directly from their device. For a free consultation and to let us inspect your site on an iPad, iPhone, Android devices and many others, contact us. and we'll be happy to make suggestions that we believe will increase online sales.

“ With almost 7 billion people in the world today, there are over 1 billion smartphones worldwide. Further, it's expanding faster than predicted: the number of smartphone users is growing by 42% a year, globally, according to research from
Morgan Stanley..  ” -- Forbes

Responsive Design and Mobile Websites

On a very brief note, we may suggest a responsive website design or a separate mobile-optimised website depending on your business requirements, your audience and your website current design (if applicable). Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and we are here to help suggest an appropriate solution in terms of site speed, cost and time to build. Responsive designs mean that the same website template loads on different screen sizes (similar to this website), and is usually applicable to fresh / new website designs. Separate, mobile optimised websites are alternate templated versions of your website which load only for mobiles and/or tablets. Technically, we would first detect if the visitor's device is a mobile or not, and then load the appropriate version of the website. Contact us for more information and a customised mobile website solution for your business.

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