A bespoke e-commerce website

We appreciate that every business is unique. Therefore, we individually build e-commerce websites that are designed to your business needs, making your website stand out from your competitors, with a stunning design and easy-to-use interface to attract your target customers. Our e-commerce platform is designed from scratch so we can modify it according your requirements.

Increase Sales

With over a decade of experience in creating e-commerce websites, in multiple languages including German, French and Dutch, we will use the necessary tools so that your customers, local and foreign, will easily be able to FIND your website from any part of the globe, and will easily be able to USE your website once they find it. This will help you reach out to customers you don’t even know existed, thereby increasing income and much more.

We help you enhance your business

An e-commerce website is about building awareness among your target market. Before diving into a definitive project, we can provide offshore IT consultancy services for your business, on how to market your brand online, on how to reach customers and on what tactics would strategically meet your business goals. Building interest through your website, social media and promotions will be considered to help increase brand reputation and sales for your company.

Communication and Transparency

We offer a personal service to ensure you have a dedicated representative to guide you through the process of building or upgrading your site. We offer dedicated teams should you require a fixed number of development hours outsourced per month to grow your business - on your request, you’ll know the names and faces of everyone working on your project. We emphasise every member of our team to provide ultimate quality and support to our client’s needs with realistic timelines on each of our projects.

success story

Success Story

DUO, luxury footwear / fashion e-commerce retailer in the UK, with global sales and sub-sites for the USA, Germany, Netherlands, and France. For over 10 years, we have catered to all DUO's website development demands in line with DUO's business growth online. We provide DUO with a highly functional e-commerce website. Our dedicated team of developers are continually in contact with DUO for both web support and upgrades for their evolving web technology requirements.

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Our E-commerce Features

E-Commerce Features

We offer e-commerce website consultancy, backed by a communicative development team.
There are a few “must haves” in an e-commerce site. Whether your site is based on a platform, such as Magento (mostly for small to medium business) or Hybris websites (medium to large business), or if your site is a customised, bespoke e-commerce solution - the following features would be key to increasing your sales online.

We listen to your business requirements and goals, and we then provide you with an innovative, technological, and supportive development team.

An e-commerce website would need its own CMS, to help manage the products on site as well as other pages, menus and key features of the site as a whole. We offer a bespoke CMS, our own CMS3003, for clients who wish to launch a swift e-catalog website with pre-built features including content management and SEO features to get started.

On a more advanced level, we offer custom website builds or extensions to our CMS to be customised to your product or service lines, allowing your business to reach an even wider audience and gain the online reputation that you want - an easy to use, optimised website with solid quality and support.

Your website should be usable - your customer should have ease in viewing your products with access to further details, additional imagery / video, customer reviews, and much more in order to make a decision to buy.

Our designers will help you achieve a modern bespoke website revolving around your brand and your mission. Additionally, having a simple interface for a complex underlying system is probably the most challenging part of design, and this is always our goal, especially in e-commerce.

With IT Outsourcing, some clients prefer to work with their own design teams, but require a supportive development team to build and maintain their website. This is exactly what we do for some of our fashion e-commerce clients.

If you require an e-commerce website design, or already have one, please contact us with your requirements.

With over 10 years of development experience in the intricacies of product catalogue pages and product detail pages, we work with you to understand your field, to help build product pages that truly reflect your brand and promote sales.

We ask you for feedback and hear your ideas, and we voice ours, to come up with a solid solution based on both your market expertise and our technology know-how. As a simple example, imagery plays a huge difference in promoting a sale. If your product can be seen in many angles, in many views, with an easy to use “zoom” feature, these help customers feel secure to make a decision whether to buy, without the need to see it in store.

We build (or customise) shopping bags and secure checkout sections for your site under a requirements specification pre-agreed with the client, to ensure the best possible usability for the customer. One feature we find of utmost importance is giving your customer their order total, including shipping and taxes, as early as possible in the shopping process, without having to navigate deep into checkout to find out the final grand total. We have many other recommendations and want to work with you on what would suit your customers best.

Additionally, we have worked with several payment gateway providers to process customer payments including (but not limited to) Verifone, Sagepay, Smartpay (e.g. German ELV payments, Dutch iDeal payments) and Paypal.

We listen to our clients’ requirements and ideas, and launch solutions to suit these needs. As an example, a promotional code or sale system can be designed for you to activate on specific seasonal or sale periods. Contact us with your requirements to further engage your customers.

Your fashion e-commerce website design does not need to be limited to desktop only - in fact, it shouldn’t. With constantly changing screen sizes from large monitors to medium sized tablets, to various mobile phones, we can deliver both responsive websites, and special mobile websites to complement their sister desktop sites. The result? Better customer satisfaction to use, not abandon, your website through their mobile phone or tablet. This “better” user experience complemented by your quality brand would inevitably lead to better online sales. Also, we can assist with studying your analytics to understand who your website visitors are, and how many are reaching your through mobiles and tablets. Do send us a message to get started..

Site and speed optimisation is a must to ensure your website is fast - statistics show that the first five seconds of the initial view of the page is of utmost importance to help your customer make their first decision with you: “should I keep browsing this site, or should I go ‘back’ to my search results”?

We run page-speed tools to ensure your site is optimised as quickly as possible. Technical elements of the site are optimised as a standard by our development team, and we also recommend content optimisation (namely product images) for faster loading on your product pages. Site (speed) optimisation is a key factor in helping your customer use the website and even decide whether to keep using it, so this is a very important part of your build. With years of experience, we look forward to working with you to ensure the highest quality standards.

Search Engine Optimisation is a must, as people need to find your website within their search engine's millions of results.

There are a few basic ingredients to ensure a good SEO foundation for your site. We implement this for every new website as a part of our quote. Further Search Engine Optimisation is carried out by way of content writing (valued added service), advice on using your Content Management System to write search engine friendly content for your pages, marketing online, and much more.

Each module we build goes through an extensive process of unit testing, after which systems testing takes place to test the entire website with all modules working together. Depending on the size of the projects, multiple QA / software engineers may be assigned to finalise your system before go-live.

Before we discuss solutions, we first understand your business. If you require an IT outsourcing or IT consultant to give you advice on “how to get started”, please let us know. For example, based on a budget and your target audience, you may be able to build interest on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest or other social media networks.

Alternatively you may have an existing customer base and need the right starting points to building your website, with means for continuous upgrading and website testing by means of a “lean startup” approach, to ensure you are seeing returns on your investment. OR, you may already have a strategic plan in place, looking to outsource to a communicative and efficient web development team, in light of reducing costs long term. We’re here to help, so please talk to us.

Your team and our team = one team. Quality and Consistent Support.

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